Santa, Please don’t forget me


Christmas is comin’
And it’s time to think
Have I been good or bad
It’s hard to remember
Everything I’ve done
Every time my mom got mad
I didn’t mean to watch the TV
While I did my homework

Oh oh baby oh
A ha- Oh no
Oh oh baby oh

I’ll never stay up past my bedtime
Ever again
(umba umba umba umba)

Oh, Santa, please don’t forget me,
I promise I’ll change my ways
Santa, please don’t forget me
On Christmas day

I’ll do all of my boring chores
And never complain at all
I’ll even say I’m sorry
To the girl next door
For hiding her favorite ball
I didn’t know what I was doin’
When I did these dumb things

Oh oh baby oh
A ha- Oh no
Oh oh baby oh

And if you give me one more chance
I can straighten right out!
(Umba umba umba umba)

Chorus 2x

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