Nursery Rhymes Lyrics L

Nursery Rhymes Lyrics with L

La bamba
Ladybug Ladybug
Land O’ The Leal
Landloard, fill the flowing bowl
Laughing policeman
Lavender’s Blue
Lazy Mary
Learn colors & objects song
Leave her, Johnny
Leezie Lindsay
Let us dance, let us play
Let’s be planes
Let’s be silly
Let’s go to the zoo
Let’s have a dinner
Let’s rock it up
Let’s twist again
Lewis Bridal Song (Mairi’s Wedding)
Library song
Limbo rock
Little Arabella Miller
Little BabyBum theme tune
Little Betty Blue
Little Bo Peep
Little boy blue
Little bunny foo foo
Little deuce coupe
Little drops of rain
Little duckie duddle
Little green frog
Little Jack Horner
Little John is dancing
Little Miss Muffet
Little Peter Rabbit
Little Pilgrim
Little Poll Parrot
Little red hen
Little red hen
Little red wagon
Little Robin Redbreast
Little Robin Redbreast
Little sir echo
Little Snowflake
Little snowman
Little Tommy Tucker
Living in the USA
London Bridge is falling down
Los pollitos
Lovely lovely ladybug
Lucy Locket
Lullaby and goodnight