Mr Turkey ‘s Thanksgiving day


Mr Turkey you say funny things
when you talk, you say gobble gobble gobble

Mr Turkey you got a funny head
when you move, it goes wobble wobble wobble

Mr Turkey you are a funny bird
When you walk, you go waddle waddle waddle

I love you li’l Turkey

Good Morning Mr. Turkey,
Thanksgiving’s almost here
And I’ve come to tell you,
you’d better disappear

Mother doesn’t know it,
nor does Farmer Gray
Shhhh I’ve opened up the gate
so you can run away
Run away, run away, run away.

“I love you, happy thanksgiving..”

I’m a little turkey, my name is Ted.
Here are my feathers, here is my head.
Gobble, gobble, gobble, is what I say
I ran away on a thanksgiving day !!

and if you ever ask me why did I run away
Oh they’d eat me if I did stay
“Happy Thanksgiving, by the way”

Oh Mr Turkey you pls come back,
pls come back, pls come back
Oh Mr Turkey pls come back,
we eat potatoes mashed

Oh Mr Turkey we so sigh,
we so sigh, we so sigh
Oh Mr Turkey we so sigh,
we eat the pumpkin pies

Oh Mr Turkey we miss you,
we miss you, we miss you
Oh Mr Turkey, we miss you,
wish we had a turkey stew !!!

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