Little red hen


Little Red Hen went out one morn,
And found a little grain of corn
“Who’s gonna help me plant this seed?”
She asked her friends Pig, Dog & Sheep

“Who will help me dig the row
and turn the soil up with a hoe?”
“Not I” said Sheep, “Not I” said Pig
Dog said, “I’ve got bones to dig.”

Ha, ha, ha, come & play
Little Red Hen needs help today!
Ha, ha, ha, you and me
Little Red Hen’s a friend in need!

“Who will help me water the seed
and dig up all these nasty weeds?”
“Not I” said Pig, “Not I” said Dog
Sheep said, “Go ask Mr. Frog!”

“Who will help me pick the crop
and tears the husks from the cobs?”
“Not I” said Sheep, “Not I” said Dog
Pig was busy sawing logs. (Zzzzz)

“Who will help me grind it up
and mix it with some eggs and milk?”
“Not I” said Dog, “Not I” said Sheep
Pig didn’t answer, he was still asleep!

“Muffins are ready, who wants to eat?”
They all came running, “Me!” “Me!” “Me!”
Little Red Hen asked, “Why should I share?
When I needed help you were not there.”

Pig, Dog, Sheep began to cry
And said, “We want to apologize!
You worked so hard, we didn’t see
That a friend in need is a friend indeed.”

Little Red Hen began to sing
“Forgiveness is a noble thing.”
So she gave each friend their own corncake
And hoped they learned from their mistake!

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