Jeannie McCall


She’s a fine wee lass, a bonnie wee lass
is bonnie wee Jeannie McCall
I gave her my mother’s engagement ring
and a bonnie wee tartan shaw
I met her at a wedding in the cooperative hall
I was the best man, she was the belle of the ball

The very first time I met her she was awfully, awfully shy
The rain came pouring in, but she was happy, so was I
Then we ran for shelter, sure we landed up the stairs
The rain came pouring into my breeks, but ach, I didna care


Now I’ve wed my Jeannie and we’re blest with bairnies three
Twa daughters and a fine wee lad, he sits upon my knee
They’re richt wee holy terrors and they’re never still for lang
But they’ll sit and listen every nicht, while I sing this song

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