Why this site – The importance of nursery rhymes

nursery rhymes lyrics

Singing along with nursery rhymes has been done for hundreds of years now and still people sing with a lot of effort to it. As well by alders ánd youngsters. At a young age singing children’s songs is not only fun, but can also be very instructive. Singing along with nursery rhymes at an alder age can bring back the safe and warm feeling from youth.
Singing children’s songs with children says a lot more than words from the song it selves. It can give a feeling of comfort, happiness or express emotions.

What exactly are nursery rhymes?

A nursery rhyme is a song that connects with the experience world of the young child. A children’s song must be easy to sing along with for small children. Therefor the melody can’t contain very high or low tunes. The child’s voice is still developing.
Most of the melodies of traditional nursery rhymes are written in a slow pace so children can sing along soon. This is important to help their self-esteems.

Children’s songs give structure

Singing a children’s song can give small children structure to their days. For example, there is the bedtime story combined with a sleeping song. When you sing this every night when they go to bed, they will know what is expected.

nursery rhymes lyrics

Several moments

There are many more moments to think of in which children’s songs can take care of structure. For example, there is the possibility to sing when you clean up. You can also sing a song that starts or ends the day at school or kindergartens. There is even a (Dutch) song that is used during an evacuation exercise. Were you aware of the fact that singing a song together can connect a group strongly? Togetherness, harmonious feelings.

Increase the vocabulary

By singing simple songs, speech development and vocabulary of children increases playfully. Remember the fun way! Facts in rhymes and songs are more easily remembered. This can be very useful while making homework or studying a trial. Children will find out at a later age themselves.


Some children’s songs dare the children to move. Different movements are a lot of fun to do, (and often funny) but also improves the motion development of small children

Why this website?

For all the above-named reasons we started this site, but the most important reason why we made this website, full with children’s music, is because children’s songs are very fun! They are cheerful, easy to sing along and very educational for children.


Naturally we have not written the many song texts on this website ourselves. They are all property of the respectively authors. For publishing the song texts, we make a monthly payment to the FEMU foundation. All of this is been taken care of in our utmost effort to satisfy the owners of the copyrights for the text songs we publish. FEMU handles the interests of sing and songwriters. Therefor the published song texts are for private use only.

Are we publishing your song texts and you don’t agree with this? Please sent us an e-mail with a direct link to the placed song text so we can remove it. Naturally you are also permitted to contact FEMU.

Source listing

Written by: Marion Middendorp
Translated by: Martine van der Reijden
Illustrations: 123rf.com