I belong to Glasgow


I belong to Glasgow
Dear old Glasgow town
Well what’s the matter with Glasgow
For it’s goin’ ‘roon and ‘roon
I’m only a common old working chap
As anyone here can see
But when I get a couple of drinks on a Saturday
Glasgow belongs to me

Me and a few o’ my cronies
One or two pals o’ my ain
We went into a hotel and we did very well
Then we came out once again
Then we went in tae another
And that’s the reason I’m fu’
We had six deoch and dorus and then sang a chorus
Listen, I’ll sing it to you

There’s nothing in being teetotal
And saving a shilling or two
If your money you spend you got nothing to lend
Well that’s all the better for you
There’s nae harm in taking a droppie
It ends all your trouble and strife
It gives you a feeling that when you get home
You don’t give a hang for your wife


© Will Fyffe

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