Hey Tuttie Tattie

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Here’s to the King, sir
Ye ken wha I mean, sir
And to every honest man
That will do’t again

Fill, fill your bumpers high
We’ll drain a’ your barrels dry
Out upon them, fy! fy
That winna do’t again

Here’s to the chieftains
O’ the gallant Highland clans
They ha’e dune it mair nor ance
And will do’t again


When you hear the trumpet sound
“Tutti tatti” to the drum
Up sword, and doun gun
And to the loons again


Here’s to the King O’ Swede
Fresh laurels croun his head
Shame fa’ every sneaking blade
That winna do’t again


But to mak a’ things right now
He that drinks maun fecht too
To show his heart’s upricht too
And that he’ll do’t again

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