The green oak tree

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I’ll sing about a wee toon that stands doon by the Clyde
It’s the toon whaur I was born and it fills my heart with pride
My mother often telt me as she crooned me on her knee
That Greenock took its name from the Green Oak Tree

So here’s tae the Green Oak that stood upon the square
And here’s tae its roots that are still slumbering there
And here’s tae its townsfolk wherever they may be
For I’m proud that I’m a branch of the Green Oak Tree

May Greenock, like the Green Oak Tree, still flourish ‘neath the sun
Her trade and commerce still increase for a thousand years to come
And may each son o’ Greenock, as he battles through life’s storm
Be honest, true and ne’er disgrace the town where I was born.

Now Greenock’s no’ a bonny place, I’ve heard some folks complain
That when you go to Greenock you’ll get nothing there but rain
But let them say whate’er they may, with them I’ll no agree
For aye the name o’ Greenock toon will aye be dear tae me

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