Gourock Bay

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If you ever go across the sea to Scotland
Then maybe at the closing of the day
You will sit and watch the moon rise over Gourock
And see the sun go down on Cardwell Bay

For the breezes that come o’er the sea from Scotland
Bring scent of pine and heather as they blow
And the “Blackies” and the “Mavies” in the “Darroch”
Speak a language that the angels only know

Just to see again the white sails on the river
Bell heather blooming o’er Drumshantie’s brow
The children building castles on the seashore
The gull and plover following the plough

Just to wander o’er the moors at Upper Ashton
Tae see the beauty o’ the lochs and bens
The river wi’ its sunlight and its shadows
In memory I walk them once again

The old school wi’ its many recollections
Of boyhood friends, now scattered far and wide
And Granny Kempock, silently still watching
Each ship that passes on the restless tide

For there’s something in the hearts of folk frae Gourock
No matter where they travel or may roam
A tie that binds them fast for aye and always
For Gourock always speaks to them of Home

And as there’s going to be a life hereafter
I know that I will have to show my pride
When I ask my God if he will make my heaven
In Gourock, on the Bonnie Banks o’ Clyde

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