Gem of the clyde

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Greenock stands on the River Clyde on Scotland’s western shore
Once famous for its giant ships, alas we build no more
The shipyards quietly standing, a reminder of the days
When Greenock stood above the rest in many different ways

The winds of change have blown through and changed our town forever
Some will say it had to come, but others tell you never
But those of us who left our town to seek out other lands
And left behind the one we love in the care of other hands

We just sit and reminisce of the things we fondly miss
And the memories come clouding back with thoughts we can’t dismiss
Staning on her rolling hills on any sunny day
To watch the gentle breezes guide the yachts on Cardwell Bay

And on a rare occasion when the weather turns to rain
We would watch the rainbows form on the beautiful cross of Lorraine
A memorial to our wartume friends from far across the sea
Who died that day such a tragic way so we could all live free

Then on a Sunday morning when our peace with God we’d made
Everyone in Sunday best would walk the Esplanade
There to sit for for many hours with our hearts all filled with pride
For there in all her glory flowed the bonnie River Clyde

O, tis nice to reminisce of days of long ago
And sometimes it cheers you up when you are feeling low
But life goes on, those times are gone, but no matter where we roam
Greenock by the RIver Clyde will always be our home

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