Dancing in Kyle

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When the sun has gone down on the dark western island
And the work is all done for a while
We’ll gather together, whatever the weather
And we’ll drive to the dancing in Kyle

There’s Mairi and Duncan and Morag and Calum
And Flora and Kenneth and Don
And we’re driving from Dornie, Glenelg and Killilan
Laughing as we race along.

Then Ruari will sing of the beauties of Isla
And Seamus of Stornaway’s Isle
And the finest of dancers will show us the Lancers
When we drive to the dancing in Kyle

With the swirl of the kilt and the skirl of the pipes
And the lilt of an accordion band
For it’s Ah for the eightsome and Oh for the jig
The “Dashing White Sargeant” is grand

Additional Verses

Soon the dawn will be showing the great mountains glowing
And we must drive many a mile
But we’ll leave Inverinate and Ardelve and Dornie
Next time that there’s dancing in Kyle

And we’ll laugh and we’ll sing and we’ll heuch and we’ll swing
And we’ll set to our partners in style
For there’s nothing so grand in the whole of the land
As to drive to the dancing in Kyle.

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