Crookit bawbee


“Oh! whar awa’ got ye that auld crookit penny?
For ane o’ bricht gowd wad ye niffer wi’ me?
Richt fu’ are baith ends o’ my green silken wallet,
An’ braw will yer hame be in bonnie Glen Shee.”

“It’s oh! that I saw the dear laddie that had it,
Wha when we were bairnies twa, gied it to me;
For a’ the bricht gowd in yer green silken wallet,
I never wad niffer my crookit bawbee.”

“Oh! whar awa’ got ye that auld worsted plaidie?
A mantle o’ satin were fitter for thee;
I wad cleed ye wi’ satin, an’ mak’ ye a lady,
Gin ye will gang wi’ me to bonnie Glen Shee.”

“Ye may cleed me wi’ satin an’ mak’ me a lady
An tak’ me aft wi’ ye to bonnie Glen Shee;
But the heart that beats true ‘neath this auld worsted plaidie
Was gi’en him lang syne for this crookit bawbee.”

“Ye ken na’ the laddie that gied ye the penny,
Ye ken na’ the laddie wha’s true been to thee;
But I ken the lassie that wears the auld plaidie,
The lassie that keepit my crookit bawbee.”

“An’ ye are the laddie that gave me the penny,
The laddie I’ll lo’e till the day that I dee;
Ye may cleed me wi’ satin, an’ mak’ me a lady,
An’ I will gang wi’ ye to bonnie Glen Shee.”

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