Cindy, Cindy


She lives away down south
She’s so sweet the honeybees
Swarm around her mouth.

Get along home, Cindy Cindy
Get along home, Cindy Cindy
Get along home, Cindy Cindy
I’ll marry you some day

I went up to the mountain to give
my horn a blow. When I come down my
Cindy was a knockin at my door

The first I seen my Cindy, she
was standing in the door. Her
shoes and stockings in her hand
little bare feet on the floor

She took me to her parlor she
cooled me with her fan. She told
me I was the sweetest thing in the
shape of mortal man

She kissed me and she hugged me
she called me sugar plum. When She
throwed her arms around me, Lord I
thought my time had come

When Cindy got religion, she shouted all around.
She got so full of glory, she pulled my briches down.

I wish I were an apple
A-hanging on the tree
And every time that Cindy passed
She’d take a bite o’ me

I wish I had a needle as fine as I
could sew. I`d sew them gals to my
coat and down the road I`d go

Peaches in the summertime, apples in
the fall. If I cant have my Cindy,
dont want no one at all

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