Ik work with wood, at it, I’m very good
A carpenter is what I am
I make toys, for girls and boys
Also blocks, bats, tops and prams

Vessels and ladles, cots and cradles
Cupboards, tables, rocking chairs
Houses, handicrafts, boats and rafts
Doors, windows, floors and stairs

Hammers and saws, chisels and awls
Are some tools that I use
I cut and scrape, to get the right shape
And join parts with glue, nail and screws

Teak and redwood, maple and rosewood
Fir, cherry, oak and pine
The timber of these, I use with much ease
As it is so very fine!

Hooks for wall clocks, doorstops and locks
I fit these for you
I’m so skilled, there’s nothing I can’t build
I repair broken things too

For every tree cut, in a forest or town
Let us grow many more trees
To save the earth, and life in this world
To save animals, birds and bees!

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