Bonnie Wee Flowers of Dunblane

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Mammy, I canna find Iain
I went to his hoose and it’s dark
He’s no’ at his Granny’s, there’s naebody home
I don’t see him up at the park.

Ye’d better come back in the hoose, son,
You’re just oot your bed – and don’t nark
I don’t want you oot in the damp night air
At least till ye’re ower that bark

Mammy, whit wey are ye greeting
I’m greeting fair sair son it’s true
A’ for the weans that are wi’ us nae mair
And I’m greetin’ wi’ sorrow for you.

She opened her arms and she closed him inside
As she told him the cause of her pain
His thin body stiffened, he swallowed and gulped
As it all spun aroon in his brain.

Is Iain in heaven? he said to the silence
Oh aye, son, the soft answer came
And Jesus right now will be tucking them in
The Bonnie Wee Flooers of Dunblane.

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