Billy Taylor

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Billy Taylor was a sailor
Full of joy and beauty gay
‘Stead of Billy gettin’ married
He was pressed and forced away

But the bride soon followed after
Under the name of Richard Carr
Snow white fingers long and slender
A’ covered over wi’ pitch and tar

She’s buttoned on the sailor’s clothing
Dressed herself up like a man
Awa’ she sailed like a tarry sailor
All aboard the Mary Anne

A storm arose upon the ocean
She bein’ there amang the rest
The wind blew off her silver buttons,
There appeared her snow-white breast

“Now,” said the captain, “My fair lady,
What misfortune brought you here?”
“I’m in search o’ my true lover
Whom ye pressed the other year.”

“Now,” said the captain, “My fair lady,
Come pray tell me what’s his name?”
“Some folks ca’ him Billy Taylor
but Willie Taylor is his name.”

“If Billy Taylor’s your true lover,
He has proved to you untrue;
He got married tae another
Left ye here alone to rue.”

“Rise ye early in the mornin’,
Early by the break o’ day.
There ye’ll see young Billy Taylor
Walkin’ oot wi’ his lady gay.”

She rose early the next mornin’
Early by the break o’ day
There she saw young Billy Taylor
Walkin’ oot wi’ his lady gay

Gun and pistol she’s commanded
Gun and pistol by her side
She has shot young Billy Taylor
Walkin’ oot wi’ his new-made bride

“Now,” says the captain, “My fair lady
Come pray tell me what you’ve done.”
I have shot young Billy Taylor
Wi’ a double-barreled gun.”

When the captain did behold her
And the deed that she has done
He has made her a chief commander
Over a ship and a hundred men

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