A lovely night

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When you’re driving through the moonlight on the highway
When you’re driving through the moonlight to the dance
You are breathless with a wild anticipation
Of adventure, and excitement, and romance
Then at last you see the towers of the palace
Silouetted on the sky above the park
And below them is a row of lighted windows
Like a lovely diamond necklace in the dark

It looks that way
The way you say
She talks as if she knows

I do not know these things are so
I only just suppose
I suppose that when you come into the ballroom
And the room itself is floating in the air
If you’re suddenly confronted by His Highness
You are frozen like a statue on the stair
You’re afraid he’ll hear the way your heart is beating
And you know you mustn’t make the first advance
You are seriously thinking of retreating
Then you seem to hear him asking you to dance
You make a bow
A timid bow
And shyly answer, “Yes”

How would you know that this is so
I do no more than guess
You can guess till you’re blue in the face
But you can’t even picture such a man
He is more than a prince
He’s an ace
But, Sisters, I really think I can! (Can what?)
I think I can picture such a man

He is tall
And straight as a lance
And his hair
Is dark and wavy
His eyes
Can melt you with a glance
He can turn a girl to gravy

A lovely night
A lovely night
A finer night you know you’ll never see.
You meet your prince,
A charming prince,
As charming as a prince will ever be
The stars in a hazy heaven
Tremble above you
While he is whispering
“Darling, I love you”
You say good-bye
Away you’ll fly
But on your lips you’ll keep a kiss
All your life you’ll dream of this
Lovely, lovely night

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