Nursery Rhymes Lyrics Animals



1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Once I caught a fish alive!
2 Little blackbirds
2 Little Robins
3 blind mice
3 Brown bears
3 Brown bears
3 Craws
3 jellyfish
3 Little fishies
3 Little kittens
5 Little birds
5 Little butterflies
5 Little ducks
5 Little kittens jumping on the bed
5 Little monkeys jumping on the bed
5 Little speckled frogs
5 Little Turkeys
6 Little ducks
10 Bears
10 Little animals
10 Little dinosaurs


A bear named Sue
A bird
A cat & a dog got into a fight
A cat came fiddling
A duck and a drake
A flea and a fly
A Flea and a Fly got caught in a flue
A frog went a-courtin’
A Lark
A little buzzing bee
A memory
A pinch of salt
A Puppy
A rabbit
A spider on the floor
A swarm of bees in may
A tree toad loved a she-toad
A white hen
A wise old owl
ABC Tumble
After a while, crocodile
Alice the camel
All around the mulberry bush
Alley Cat
All Gods creatures have a place in the choir
All the pretty little horses
Alligator farm
Ally bally bee
Alphabet animals at the zoo
An elephant walks like this and that
Animal alphabet
Animal alphabet song
Animal crackers
Animal fair
Animal house
Animal sounds song
Ants go marching
Any Little fish
As I went to Bonner
Asno, asno
Aura Lee
Away birds away


Baa baa black sheep
Baby Beluga
Baby bye
Baby bumble bee
Bare Necessities
Barney theme
Bat bat come under my hat
Beehive and the Anthill
Bell horses
Bella notte
Big bad wolf
Big eyed ow
Bill Grogan’s goat
Bird scarer
Bird song
Birds of a feather
Black hen
Black Snake
Blue bird, blue bird
Blue bird, blue bird
Bonnie Bee
Boom, boom, ain’t it great to be crazy
Bought me a cat
Bow-wow, says the dog
Burnie bee
Busy Farmer Ben
Butterfly butterfly
Butterfly butterfly
Buzz goes the bee


Can a flea climb a tree?
Cat came back
Cat came back
Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken
Chicken Chicken
Chicken Family
Circle of life
Clever hen
Cock a doodle doo
Cold north wind doth blow
Come little rabbit
Counting fish
Crocodile song
Cushy cow


Deep blue sea
Dickery dickery dare
Did you ever see a bunny
Did you ever see a Lassie?
Dinosaur 1 to 10
Dinosaur song
Dinosaur song
Dinosaur song
Dinosaur Stomp
Do your ears hang low
Doe a deer
Dominick the Christmas donkey
Donkey Donkey
Donkey riding
Down by the bay
Down Down Baby


Eeny meeny miny moe
Everything beneath the sea


For want of a nail


Good morning, Mr. Rooster
Goosey Goosey Gander
Grey squirrel song


Hark hark!
Have you ever been fishing
Here we go gathering nuts in May
Herman the Worm
How much is that doggie in the window
Hickety Pickety (my black hen)
Hickory dickory dock
Higglety Pigglety Pop
High in the pine tree
Horsey Horsey


I had a little turtle
I have a pet
I love little pussy
I went to visit a farm one day
If we could talk to the animals
If wishes were horses
Incy Wincy spider
Itsy bitsy spider


Jungle Boogie



Ladybug Ladybug
Little Arabella Miller
Little Bo Peep
Little bunny foo foo
Little duckie duddle
Little Peter Rabbit
Little Poll Parrot
Little red hen
Little Robin Redbreast
Little Robin Redbreast
Los pollitos


Mary had a little lamb


Nashville Cats


Old MacDonald had a farm


Pop goes the weasel
Pussy cat pussy cat



Raccoon and possum
Ride a cock-horse to banbury cross
Rockin’ Robin


Sleeping Bunnies
Splish splash


Teddy bear, Teddy bear
The Animal Fair
The animal sounds song for children
The bear
The bear went over the mountain
The best dog in the world
The boy and the sparrow
The Bunny hop
The Lion and the unicorn
The lion tamer
The little blue whale
The little green frog
This little piggy
The old grey mare
The old hen
The old hen cackled
The petting zoo
The Unicorn
There was a little turtle
Turkey in the straw
Turkey Trouble




Walkin’ the dog
We are going to the zoo
We are going to the zoo




Zoo song